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The level of lights in your life determine signs and seasons of your life! - Part 1
By a divine decree from El-Shaddai, the Creator of the Universe; the level of lights in your life will determine the signs marking the milestones of your life as well as the various seasons of life you are ushered into. The current level of lights in your life will make a difference between the day and night seasons of your life and how you go through those seasons!
14 Then God said, “Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs and seasons, and for days and years;
15 and let them be for lights in the firmament of the heavens to give light on the earth”; and it was so....
- Genesis 1:14-15

By divine decree, light gives life and vitality. Can you imagine the Earth without light from the Sun? Plants will not have photosynthesis taking place, and there will primarily be neither vegetation nor food for both man and animal. The Almighty God created the Earth with a divine instruction that light should make all the difference between life and death, between sustainability of life and expiration of life. On this Earth, and in this life, LIGHT is everything! It can safely be said that No light, no life! This is a very profound statement to make, but scriptures attest to this fact.

Going back to the Book of Beginnings, God said in Genesis 1:14b concerning lights "...and let them be for signs and seasons, and for days and years...".  We need light to be able to proceed from one natural season of life to the other. The level and intensity of light determines the change of season from Fall to Winter, from Winter to Spring, from Spring to Summer, and from Summer back to Fall. The luminous intensity of light rays received from the Sun determines and drive these natural seasons of life. Further, God promised us in Genesis 8:22 that these natural seasons of life will never cease as long as the Earth remains:
 22 “While the earth remains,
      Seedtime and harvest,
      Cold and heat,
      Winter and summer,
      And day and night
      Shall not cease.”

From a scientific and cosmological point of view, the natural seasons of life are brought about by the relative positioning and distance of the Earth to the Sun as the Earth revolves around the Sun. The north and south poles of the Earth are so cold and icy throughout the year because their positions on the Earth shields them from receiving the fullness of light rays from the Sun. Similarly, as the Earth rotates on its axis, it determines whether we have light from the Sun therefore determining day or night. All these cosmic events work together to determine signs and seasons, days and years as pre-determined by the Creator Himself.

What else does light do?
Firstly, light is luminous energy that illuminates. It help us to see clearly, identify, appreciate and hold objects and the material world in the right and proper perspective. The light of the day gives us the ability to do so much which we cannot otherwise do at night when the relative position of where we are on the Earth during the night time shields us from receiving any sunlight. Have you been to a place for the first time at night, and you formed an opinion of that place based on your 'nighty' perspective? Then in the morning, you got a much more better perspective of the place which may be extremely opposite to the previous night's perspective and therefore changes your opinion about the place either for better or otherwise. This is the power of illumination. Light brings to the fore what is hidden, light informs a better and more accurate perspective of things and issues. Light is illumination!

Secondly, light is energy which can be transformed into other forms of energy. In science, we say that "energy (or matter) can neither be created nor destroyed, but can be transformed from one form to the other". For the most part, light energy is mostly felt by its transformation into the radiant or heat energy it produces. The heat energy from the Sun allow plants to photosynthesize, warms us up, and keep all of life going. Contrary, at night, when there is no light, it is usually cold or cooler than the day. Everything tends to slow down, some things actually stop working at night because there is no light energy to drive them! Our bodies begin to slow and wind down, getting ready to sleep when and if we can. Light energy can be transformed to all other kinds of energy. Solar panels absorbs the luminous power of the sun and converts it to electric energy to power a lot of equipments and machines. Plants transformed the luminous or radiant energy of sunlight to power photosynthesis. Radiant heat from the Sun permits water to evaporate, ascend into the atmosphere which comes back to us much later as rain. The whole ecosystem is dependent on the level and intensity of light received from the Sun.

Consequencies of lack of Natural light
In the absence of sunlight for a protracted length of time, cooler temperatures creep in and take over; water coalesce and form ice, animals that cannot thrive in the cold hibernates, die or migrate to warmer climates. Man dresses up and/or find ways to keep warm, else the physiological systems slows down gradually until the circulatory system becomes too sluggish to support life, the brain dies leading to death. These and many more are the consequences of lack of natural light! Lack of light can altimately lead to death.

What Season of Life are you in Personally?
My pastor once asked me, "what season of life do you think you are in right now?".  At that time I had no immediate answer because I had not previously given thought to this question. In actuality your recognition of the current season of your life will help you in choosing your responses to life's events accurately and appropriately; and will help you prepare for the current season and the next. Can you imagine its winter time, and you have no warm clothing and no heating system in your house? So I will re-pose my pastor's question to myself and to you here again: What season of life do you think you are in right now? Whatever seasons of life you think you are in right now, the levels of divine light you have will determine whether you remain in the current season or you make satisfactory progress towards the next season of life that God has for you. Can you imagine 12 months of winter like they have at the north and south poles? Some folks may not mind having 12 months of summer, but can you imagine the drought and famine that will bring upon the nations and the earth? Seasons of life must change, but the progression and direction of this change can either be divinely or humanly programed and phased. Divinely paced and phased, if you move on in life with God's timetable for your life, or humanly paced and phased if you slow down or completely abandon God's plan and program for your life because of lack of be continued.

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