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:: Welcome to my Webspace! Emmanuel B. John, PT, DPT, PhD, MBA, MPH, FAHA, FIMC
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Etheline Hill
05/22/10 @ 1:13AM
Hi Brother Emmanuel,
Mom & I really miss you in Kansas City. You probably remember her, Ellen Keaton, from her doing the study for you at K U. We are happy all is well with you and your family.

09/10/09 @ 1:27AM
Beautiful collections! God bless you all.

06/13/08 @ 4:52AM
your life is a source of good encouragement for people like a graduate of cmul and hear a lot abt u from mr. ayejusunle.keep the good profile up,and thank you for honouring the profession in a spectacular are a gem to emulate.

maria orji
05/28/08 @ 3:02PM
hey ,you guys look realy good,toyin looks......quiet hhmmmmmm.Anyway stay b;essed all of you,talk to you soon

Shuaib Taiwo
05/19/08 @ 4:32AM
Its so good to know you are doing so well and at the top of your career. You have always being an inspiration to us who have beeen in contact one time or the other with you. Please do keep the flag flying and due regards to your family. CHEERS!!!!

ola bella (Website)
01/04/08 @ 8:07AM
You don\'t know me but you are an inspiration to ex- students of New State High School, going us high hopes that we can be who ever we want to be as long as we believe in ourselves and in our vision. As an ex-student and Senior Prefect of New State High School 1996; I would like to wish you the very best in all that you lay your hands to do. God bless you. You will be proud to know that a lot of us a following in your footsteps in making our tomorrow great today.

Ola Bella
CEO Party Saints UK

Pastor Jose Vargas \
11/07/07 @ 12:53PM
We miss you here is KC. Thank you for all you have done for my wife and family. We are forever gratefull.

Keji (Website)
10/15/07 @ 4:38AM
heyyy big sis!! Awww Dami is the cutest thing!!
woww Tami n Toni are becoming big girls noww~ hope they dont argue as much as Jo n I do :P lol


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